In retrospect, it probably starts on that moonless summer night, when Xingqiu’s nighttime jaunt brings him under the shadow of a red mountain. Under the shadow of this red mountain, he feels a strange meaning on the wind that stirs him to lift his head, and at that moment, his gaze falls upon the fleeting figure of a yaksha flying through the clouds. 

Liyue legends say it is fortune to gaze upon an adeptus in one’s lifetime, but Xingqiu is rather inured to the sight after seeing Adeptus Xiao at Hu Tao’s funeral parlor every other week. Still, that faint silhouette glowing jade-like under the distant starlight stays with him for hours after, and even when he closes his eyes to sleep, he can still feel the chill of the mountain air sinking into his bones. 

For a long time, though, Xingqiu is convinced it all starts when he wakes up one morning filled with the burning desire to perform a live reading of his novel in Liyue Harbor’s most public square. 

Xingqiu would like to keep his secrets, remain uncursed, and have some fun with his best friend. Unfortunately, in life, things rarely go to plan...

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Part 1: Yin

Transcript of Part 1 is available here.

Part 2: Yang (Coming Soon)

Stage: scripting (unstarted)

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Chongyun's exorcism symbol was first made in Vectr, a free browser vector drawing software, before changing to use SVGator.

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Author's comment: The idea for this story was almost entirely triggered by Xingqiu Yoiyoi Kokon MMD. If you understand you understand. The Cynical Night Plan Xingqiu MMD is also very good. Check them out, okay?

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